Green Cleaning

The environment is essential to our health and active lifestyle. We dedicate our mission to eco-friendly cleaning by promoting clean, well-managed spaces that reduce your facility’s environmental footprint.

Green Cleaning

We honor the positive impact that green cleaning places in our daily lives, improving our health and awareness as we aim to prevent harmful chemicals to our environment and ourselves. Eco-friendly cleaning products and applications deliver sustainable, preserving methods to keep us progressing, and we are proud to be certified green supporters. System1 is a recognized industry-wide leader in quality, sustainable facility services, and we have helped many customers attain their green authentication.


Meeting industry standards for green certification is easy with System1’s proprietary operating system, JanOPS®.
JanOPS® makes it easy to meet GS-42 standards for standard operating procedures and building-specific green cleaning plans.


System1’s original partner company, Varsity Facility Services, was one of the first organizations to certify as a green building company. Facility managers use CIMS (Cleaning Industry Management Standard) to pre-qualify contractors using the CIMS assessment, which covers five areas of qualification: Quality Systems, Service Delivery, Human Resources, Health/Safety, and Environmental Stewardship and Management Commitment.

Customized Services & Offers

  • High-performance program
  • Custodial effectiveness assessment
  • Sustainable products/materials
  • Sustainable equipment
  • Indoor chemical and pollutant source control