COVID Cleaning

Based on our proprietary JanOPS® protocol, we offer thorough cleaning and sanitization services to help deter COVID-19. This is done by adhering to CDC guidelines. We go the extra mile to give our customers an added sense of safety and security.

COVID Cleaning

At System 1, we utilize our already-established cleaning system called JanOps, and then add additional chemicals and EPA guidelines to ensure the most effective COVID cleaning on the market. We only use chemicals off the EPA List N, ensuring that you, your staff, and customers can come into the office with the peace of mind that they can work safely.


Ensure your safety standards are met for your commercial building and contract with an enterprise that holds cleanliness and sterilization to the highest degree. We make sure your facility is up to sanitization standards to try to prevent the spread of COVID in your facility.


We are a certified, licensed, and trusted cleaning compliance company with 30 years of experience. Our team undergoes extensive training and educational support on specialized cleaning strategies designed specifically to combat COVID.


System1 maintains safety while having an active interest in the health and well-being of our customers, employees, and property owners. We are fully committed to going the extra mile to uphold our philosophy of being the standard of excellence.