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FamilySAFE storm shelters, distributed by System1, have been through some of the worst tornadoes on record. Even in the face of devastating EF5 Tornadoes. FamilySAFE has never had a shelter fail even after the units take direct hits from EF4 and EF5 Tornadoes. Their shelters held firm during complete destructions of homes and were instrumental in preventing numerous fatalities.

Garage Installs

Garage Installs

The most popular installation. We have a size that fits in most any garage with a suitable slab.

Staircase Models

Staircase Models

FamilySAFE can custom build units to fit under most staircases during new construction.



Dual purpose rooms? FamilySAFE can make this happen for you during new construction or renovations.



FamilySAFE can manufacture larger units that are perfect for schools, manufacturing and any other commercial application.

Utility Rooms

Utility Rooms

Any smaller room in the house can be turned into a FamilySafe during new construction.

Outside Units

Outside Units

If there is just no other place. Try one of the FamilySAFE outdoor models..


“I did a lot of research on storm

shelters and companies that provide

them and after completing

this research FamilySAFE was at

the top of my list. Meeting with

you and experiencing first hand

the service provided confirmed

why FamilySAFE was at the top.

The service provided from the

initial contact through the installation

was professional, personal,

and punctual. It is very comforting

to know my family has the

security of a storm shelter when

bad weather strikes. Thank You.”

G.S., Nixa, Missouri


“Just wanted to say thanks to you

and your crew for the timely install

and all the professionalism

that was shown during the install

of our FamilySAFE Shelter..We

have looked at other companies

in Springfield before deciding

on FamilySAFE and now that it

is in my garage, I am so happy

we went with your company.

The workmanship in our shelter

is leaps and bounds over the

competition. Just peace of mind

knowing we now have a place to

go to in a storm is a great feeling.

Keep up the good work and I

am hoping to send other families

your way that are wanting this

same peace of mind that we now

have. Sincerely,”


—G.C., Bolivar, Missouri


Beyond Expectations

We love our new FamilySAFE.

It is a great product that allows

us to feel very safe during severe

weather. We are recommending

it to all our friends and family.

The FamilySAFE crew that sold

and installed our safe exceeded

all our expectations and delivered

exactly as the said they

would. In fact they went the

extra mile to insure all our needs

were met”.


—F.L. & E.S.,, Republic, Missouri