Industries We Serve

We serve various industries, ranging from corporate and commercial buildings to government agencies. Learn more about the industries we serve and how we can help your business.

System1 Operations

At System1, we tailor our services to the unique needs of our customers. Cleaning and maintenance processes vary per institution, and it is our job to customize solutions ideal for our patrons and their industry-specific policies. From minor to complex sanitation procedures, System1 leaves no stone unturned. We map out a strategic layout optimized for thorough disinfecting procedures so our clients can continue their daily operations and improve customer relations safely and without interference.

Banks and Financial

Banks are busy institutions that cater to numerous people every day as bedrocks of our financial system. As a banking professional, maintaining a clean and inviting environment is key to gaining trust and building proper customer rapport. Well-kept offices and common areas show that your bank cares about the facility and its customers. By investing in your business, your clients will invest in you.


Medical clinics always need cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting due to the nature of the facility. In light of COVID-19 risks, healthcare facility cleanliness and preventative measures are more critical than ever. Sanitation and disinfection are challenges for clinics, hospitals, and doctor’s offices that see hundreds of patients per day. System1 serves healthcare facilities, using a schematic plan to cover every square inch of the establishment at a rapid and efficient rate. This helps your staff focus more on patients.

Utility Service Facilities

Utility service facilities specialize in electrical equipment, supplying gas to households, and distribution of hazardous materials. Adequate and cautious cleaning services are necessary to prevent circuit shortages, injuries, or property damage. System1 facilitates systems and techniques tailored to these risky settings to effectively manage and maintain clean environmental supplies and apparatuses. We uphold the safety of our employees and customers to the highest standard while improving cleanliness.

Commercial & Corporate

Corporate offices function with multiple personnel in offices, answering phones, and staffing a front desk. Keyboards, countertops, trash bins, break rooms, and common appliances build up dirt and grime over time, creating an ideal environment for bacteria and mold growth. Our specialists swiftly and efficiently disinfect and polish common areas and neglected spaces for the daily renewal of office spaces.

Government Agencies

Government agencies serve the public, which means tons of foot traffic moving throughout the facility as well as handling documents. With this operational level, it is essential that agencies maintain a healthy environment to keep up with capacity and workload. At System1, we understand the needs of our clientele. Whether it’s a courthouse, embassy, or city hall, we create a janitorial plan for your institution for a microbe-free space to keep your employees as healthy as possible.


Manufacturing facilities are complex. From a cleanliness standpoint, they are almost impossible to maintain. System1 has 30 years of experience serving the manufacturing industry while regulating compliance safety and security measures. We specialize in odor control, sterilization, product cleanliness, and deep disinfection. Learn more about how we can serve your factory needs.