JanOps® is our proprietary operating system that focuses on correct processes and products, all while elevating and training the cleaner.

JanOPS® Operating System

System1 facilitates a structured and organized approach to cleaning through JanOPS®. JanOPS® is our sustainable cleaning system implemented in thousands of our System1 buildings throughout the nation. This unique operating system combines our staff, products, and processes under one umbrella to get our customers’ facilities into shape. JanOPS® exceeds everyday cleaning operations. It creates value on a socio-economic and environmentally friendly level that benefits public health and all who advocate for JanOPS®. We are proud supporters of the JanOPS® approach.

System 1 janitorial service cleaning crew smiling


With the JanOPS® system, we create standard operating procedures, blueprint specific green-based cleaning plans, use eco-friendly chemicals and other natural ingredients, and train our staff on the JanOPS® method.


As a green cleaning facility, we are trusted supporters of the JanOPS® approach and protecting the environment for prolonged public health. We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and being green.

Customer Benefits Through JanOPS®

Our high-performance program pairs custodial effectiveness and assessment with sustainable products, materials, and equipment to foster indoor chemical and pollutant source control.