An online reporting and measurement system that allows System1 to manage your services with today’s leading technology.


System1 uses a facility information system called VEKTR®. This system allows us to create and manage work orders, customize and perform inspections and quality audits on your facilities, and schedule recurring services such as floor work and maintenance tasks.

It is data-driven to provide you with the most current information and updates concerning your facilities and our performance in managing the services in those facilities. At System1, we believe that transparency and knowledge are keys to our success, and Vektr® helps us achieve that success.

Work Order Management

When issues or specific needs are discovered, work orders are created and managed in Vektr®to hold us accountable. You can see in real-time as those requests or issues are handled.

Quality Audits & Inspections

Through our partnership with you, we will develop a customized quality audit checklist. This will then be digitized on Vektr® whereby our management, using the app, can grade our service levels and upload those results to the system for you to see.

Periodic Task Scheduling

We take the guesswork out of when and how PM-type tasks are to be scheduled and completed. We will set up schedules within Vektr® that will automatically create work orders to perform certain tasks such as hard flooring care, window cleaning, or carpet cleaning.