System 1, we know what it takes to gain the efficiency, quality and customer responsiveness your facility requires, regardless of whether you need janitorial services on a national scope or a single small building.

All customers, who outsource their janitorial service to System 1, enjoy the following benefits:

  • Cleaning for both health and appearance
  • Stable and consistent quality service
  • Beyond compliance safety
  • Economies of scale
  • Superior communication and coordination

Minority Owned

System 1 is a certified minority owned company.

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System 1 shares the same corporate infrastructure with its partner company, Varsity Facility Services, and is capable of providing top tier services to large and small companies.

System 1 has the right tools & 
the right people!

Services Offered

System 1 offers a comprehensive range of integrated services to meet your unique facility needs. We draw from over 50 years of experience in delivering facility services.

Project Management

System 1 offers extensive experience in commercial construction projects. Learn more


System 1 is an authorized dealer of FamilySAFE Storm Shelters. Learn more