System 1



From the beginning, System 1's founding leaders have been consistent in developing and reinforcing values. Working for System 1 is more than a job. It is a highly productive fun place to work. There is a higher purpose for being in business. It is far more than "making money." It is a sense of pride for excellence in all we do. It is a central belief that integrity surpasses any other option. System 1 has core values which have existed from the start and remain unchangeable to this day.

  • The Individual
    Treat all people with the respect and dignity every human being deserves – in the office, in our workplaces, and in all business relationships.

  • Opportunity
    We value and defend the right of every individual to share in the great opportunities of this society equally, regardless of race, sex or creed.

  • Productive Work
    Honest labor is not only a necessity, but a privilege. We continually seek to increase productivity and self-fulfillment in meaningful work.

  • Our Character
    Founded on principals of honesty, integrity, fairness and high ethical standards, System 1 is committed to maintaining these values as a company and as individuals.

  • Industry Image
    Our services are essential to the health safety, productivity and comfort of society. We seek to elevate the image of the facility service industry whenever and wherever possible.

  • Excellence
    System 1 people are achievers and we demand the very best from ourselves. We never settle for "just getting by," but strive for excellence in all we do.