System 1


Business Partners

Varsity Facility Services

System 1’s roots run deep in the facility services industry. Our business partner, Varsity Facility Services, has been in business since the 1950’s. Recognizing a need to market to diversity-spend contracts, Varsity helped form System 1 in 1992, and currently owns a minority share of System 1. Our two companies share the same corporate infrastructure and have some operational similarities. However, we remain two distinct companies. Our relationship with Varsity allows us to better serve geographically dispersed accounts, yet maintain our independent, minority-owned status.


Nuvek is a company created to develop and improve the technology that System 1 and Varsity and their partners created for the facility services industry. This includes the Vektr Quality Control Reporting technology that enables facility managers to open and track work orders, conduct quality audits, and schedule periodic work using their smartphones.

Nuvek's Software Division also drives a powerful mid-frame accounting system that System 1, Varsity and other contractors use to support their complex operations. In addition, Nuvek develops and markets its state-of-the-art business intelligence and account management software used by building services and facility managers to enable them to make adjustments to their scope of work and contracts with Varsity. Connekt provides management for suppliers, services, frequencies, prices, invoicing and contract change requests.

Nuvek's Technical Services Division provides high-end technical leadership and support with networks, servers and office applications for professional firms in southern Idaho. The highly trained technicians manage the information technology needs for dozens of accounting, engineering, medical and other firms that require high levels of reliability in their reporting services.