System 1


Control Systems

Our partnership approach to you is founded on a systematic approach to providing you solutions to your needs. The list below reflects some of the problems faced in facility services and System 1's solutions to those problems.

This is not all-encompassing of everything we have to offer, it is only a sampling of some of the benefits our current customers have come to appreciate.

ProblemSystem 1's Solution
Inconsistent ResultsJanitorial Operating System, “JanOps”, providing consistent, measurable results
Ineffective Communication PathsJanitorial Operating System, “JanOps”, providing consistent, measurable results
Lack of Information and Data to Drive DecisionsVektr: our online system for managing your work orders, periodic work, and inspections
Ineffective WorkforceDocumented, trained workforce
Below-standard safety practicesSystem 1’s Safety Program

Furthermore, customers who contract with System 1 enjoy the following benefits: